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Whale Watching

A Whale of a Time guest house is famous for viewing whales right in front of the property. Whale Season from August to November. September being the best month for the viewing. The whales produce a low frequency sound much to the delight of our guests who have visited our guest home over the past 22 years. We normally have the Southern Right Whale who come and calve right in front of us. The calves length at birth 4.5 to over 7 metres and many a photo and video have been  by our visitors who will continue to view over the years to come.  Periodically a Whale may thrash or move its body out of the water, pivot onto its side and fall back with an enormous splash. This is called breaching and the whales normally breaches about three times giving one time to get their cameras ready.

Penguin Colony

A few minutes drive from Fish Hoek to Boulders is the famous colony of Jackass Penguins, so called for their hilarious braying call. Boulders Beach is ideal for children as huge boulders shelter the cove from Currents. There are Table Mountain Staff on hand for those who prefer guided Tours. This is a wonderful experience not to be missed.

Peers Cave

Great White

Cape Point


Snake Park

Bird Watching